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Peter Blau, BSI

"David MacGregor has written three plays produced by the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Mich., from 2018 to 2021, and he has turned the plays into short stories that have been collected in Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries; they star Holmes, Watson, and Irene Adler (who in fact did not die after she encountered Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” and instead has moved in with him at 221B Baker Street).  

To avoid shocking his readers, Watson has her posing as Mrs. Hudson, and their investigations involve them with Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Auguste Escoffier, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Moriarty’s evil daughter; the stories are told with humor and style, and are also available as separate volumes."



The three stories are available as individual paperbacks, or as a trilogy in hardcover. All options are on the David MacGregor Author Profile.

The books are available now from this site, and are also available through all good bookstores with the following release dates in 2021;

10th Apr - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Elusive Ear - Sherlock and Irene Book 1 

10th June - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Fallen Soufflé - Sherlock and Irene Book 2 

10th October - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Ghost Machine - Sherlock and Irene Book 3 (Orange Pip Books) - David MacGregor

10th November - Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries (Orange Pip Books) - David MacGregor

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