Book Review - The Hunting of the Nark - Sherlock Holmes Through The Looking Glass

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"In the world of literary fiction, Sherlock Holmes is the master of logic and deduction. He is the finest. Meanwhile, back in the real world, author and mathematician, Lewis Carroll was considered the master of logic. He routinely published logic puzzles in the newspapers of his day for readers to solve. Yet, he is equally famous for his nonsense works, Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, Alice Through the Looking-Glass.

The worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Wonderland have often been combined in crossover stories, but never in such a unique and creative way as Claire Daines’ The Hunting of the Nark - Sherlock Holmes Through the Looking Glass. Most crossover stories take the characters of one literary world, and transpose them into another in a new story, but Claire Daines takes the entire world and style of Wonderland, and brings it to life in the world of Sherlock Holmes, or is it vise versa?

Imagine the many original adventures of Sherlock Holmes taking place in Wonderland,  and you will understand the nature of this remarkable book. I particularly enjoyed the rhymed and metered story poems that Holmes and Watson found themselves transposed into, veritable looking glass images of Lewis Carroll’s original poetry. I very much enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it."

Joseph W Svec III (author)


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