Sherlockian Author Profile - Joseph Svec III

Joseph enjoys writing, poetry, and stories, creating new adventures for Holmes and Watson, that take them into the worlds of famous literary authors and scientists. His Missing Authors trilogy introduced Holmes to Lewis Carroll, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Alfred Lord Tennyson, as well as many of their characters. 

Joseph has presented a literary paper on Sherlock Holmes/Alice in Wonderland crossover literature to the Lewis Carroll Society of North America.

The transitional story Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn, involved several historical figures, besides a Unicorn or two.

He is currently working on his first book in the Missing Scientist Trilogy, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Demonstrative Dinosaur, in which Sherlock meets Professor George Edward Challenger. 

He has also written the upcoming, rhymed and metered Sherlock Holmes Christmas adventure, The Night Before Christmas in 221-b, sure to be a delight for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts of all ages.

Joseph has Masters degrees in Systems Engineering, and Human Organization Management, and has written numerous technical papers on Aerospace Testing.

In addition to writing, Joseph enjoys creating miniature dioramas based on literature and history from many different eras. His dioramas have been featured in magazine articles and many different blogs.

An avid tea enthusiast, his tea cabinet contains over 400 different varieties, and he delights in sharing afternoon tea with his wonderful wife, and coauthor.