Book Review - Sherlock Holmes and The Molly Boy Murders

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"First-time novelist Margaret Walsh has brought us a new adventure covering the type of case that wouldn’t have made it into The Strand. Clearly the types of crimes, and the graphic forensic details, are something that Watson, as a doctor, would have faithfully recorded, even if he couldn’t share it with the public.

Set in early 1889, not long after the brutal Ripper murders, a new set of terrible crimes is targeting a little-known group of Londoners. As the events play out, the number of deaths continue to rise, and some evidence even starts to point toward Scotland Yard.

There are a few first-timer mistakes, such as having Watson as a well-published author in The Strand in 1889, two years before The Strand went into business. However, these can be put down to the enthusiasm of the editor of Watson’s papers, and no doubt future stories from Ms. Walsh – and I hope that there are many of them to come! – will have no cause for concern.

Another fine thread in The Great Holmes Tapestry!"

David Marcum, Sherlockian Editor and Author



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