Book Review - Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of The Three Monks

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David Marcum

Once again German author Johanna Rieke returns with another excellent Sherlock Holmes adventure taking place in 1890, the same year as her previous MX Publishing volume, “The Thames Murders”. In this narrative, Watson is on holiday in Sussex when a series of seemingly supernatural encounters occur. At the same time, the mood in the village where he’s staying clearly indicate that something else is going on. Of course Watson calls on Sherlock Holmes – who is curiously reluctant to assist, which only adds to the already complex mystery.

This is the third of the four Rieke novels published in English that I’ve now read, and just as when I finished reading the others, with their exciting endings, I want to race on to more.


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It is summer in 1890, in Robertsbridge, a small village in East Sussex. Dr Watson, on holiday without Holmes, finds the village peaceful and sleepy, but the truth is different. He soon discovers that the villagers are afraid, the atmosphere is threatening. Why do three mysterious white monks haunt the ruined abbey? What does the gipsy seek? Where is a missing ten-year-old boy? Watson calls for Holmes, but why is Holmes fearful of endangering lives? We read in this exciting story how Holmes’ patient deduction and Watson’s courage come together, to solve a many-sided mystery just before it turns into disaster. 

Johanna M. Rieke, born in Germany, is a mathematician and an author. Her authentically crafted, historic Sherlock Holmes stories, six up to 2021, are well-known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They have been published in German in book form and audio versions, and presented at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. She is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Societies of Germany and London and of the Reichenbach Irregulars in Switzerland, where she lives, since marriage, near Basel.

‘Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Three Monks’ was first published in Frankfurt in 2014. It is the third of her works to appear in English with MX Publishing.

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