Book Review - A Baskerville Curse

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"What a bonkers idea! To recreate in LEGO scenes depicted by Sidney Paget from Sherlock Holmes’ stories. How can this possibly work? And yet LEGO enthusiast P. James Macaluso jr has done just that and for at least thirteen stories from the canon.

Apparently he sources his figures from existing collections, such as the Harry Potter sets, since the LEGO company has not yet realised the potential of Sherlock Holmes.

The latest in the series, but the first I have seen, plopped through my letterbox the other day. It’s called A Baskerville Curse and is of course based on The Hound of the Baskervilles which by happy chance I recently reread. I have to report it is utterly delightful...."  Susan Knight

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Here's an interview with James Macaluso:


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