In The Night In The Dark reviewed by The Supernatural Tales

Posted by Steve Emecz on

"All in all, this volume is worth buying for the first section alone - The Tales from the Endeavour are quite superb, and make great winter reading. But there's more, you lucky people. The second section, 'Things from Beyond', offers horrors that are Lovecraftian, by and large........In brief, there's something for everyone here. I defy anyone who likes supernatural fiction not to be satisfied with this volume". In The Night, In The Dark is a collection of supernatural ghost stories from Roger Johnson that includes the collection 'The Tales from the Endeavour' which won the 2001 Dracula Society's Children of the Night Award for 2001 (an award won in subsequent years by the likes of Sir Terry Pratchett). You can read the full review on The Supernatural Tales Blog. In The Night, In The Dark is available through all good bookstores including Amazon UK,and Amazon USA,

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