Creating Engaging Lesson Plans That Build Student and Children's Confidence

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Creating engaging lesson plans is a challenge for any teacher, and in today's society where many children's confidence is limited by an over-exposure to computers and the pressures of a media driven existence, finding innovative ways to build their confidence is key. Hugh Cooke has worked with thousands of children using a fascinating method. He has adapted the traditional form of performance art - pantomime or 'panto'. Far removed from the stresses of performing plays and playlets, the pantomime is rooted in having fun and in particular laughing at the characters. Many teachers have taken Hugh's methods over the years and he has finally put them into a book (under some peer pressure from fellow teachers to do so) so that teachers everywhere can use the technique - which is blindingly simple. Find subjects and characters that the children can relate to and find fun, and let them get on with it and improvise where appropriate. Hugh has included in the book several ready-made stories that can be easily updated to suit your needs so this is much more than a 'how to' book - it gets you most of the way there. Whether you are looking to put on a simple play inside the classroom to create an engaging and empowering lesson for children, or whether you actually want to prepare one to perform in front of others, Hugh Cooke's simple and witty layout makes it easy. These pantomimes/plays have developed a long tradition in schools and theatres over the years - the names of the characters may have been changed, and there have been plot twists and dialogue added, but the participants are all looking for the same thing - to get to the fun bit of practising and performing quickly instead of spending hours learning by trial and error. Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Theatre will allow you all the excitement and joy of the pantomime without the pain and frustration. [caption id="attachment_122" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Panto For Beginners"]Panto For Beginners[/caption]

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