Pearson Addresses The Lack Of Motor Racing History Fiction

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Motorsport News commented recently that there was a "not a lot of great motor-racing based fiction available" which we were pleased to hear, as that was a key reason why when we saw the manuscript for A Ribbon Of Road In The Moonlight from Michael Pearson we were delighted to publish it. Whilst we generally don't publish much fiction, where the subject is historical then we like to take a look. Mike's credentials as a historical writer were strong having written two naval non-fiction books and he brings the same attention to the 1950s era to this his fictional début. Motorsport News went on to say; "The story centres on Mike Brookes, the boss of the fictional Pegasus Car Company, and his attempt to win the Targa Florio in 1957. If you have a strong interest in the great road races of the of the 1950s you’ll find plenty to enjoy. It certainly captures the spirit of the era.” We've had lots of positive feedback on our previous bestselling non-fiction motor racing book 'TOK258 - Morgan Winner at Le Mans' which in a similar vein catalogues a compelling David vs Goliath story from 1962, TOK's story being a true one told by a Morgan enthusiast with input from Charlie Morgan the chairman of the company and the drivers in the race itself. Other motoring magazines have been even stronger with their praise for Mike's book. The Southern Car Club Magazine sai; "A ripping yarn for the petrolhead. Its 245 printed pages but won’t take long to read, so evocative is its fictional subject; with writing sufficiently compelling for the book to be a ‘non-put-downer’. It’s a recommended fun read for any petrolhead, and pretty accurate in its descriptions of – fictional – technical stuff. Read it". What we think is a key, and coming out in this second review above, is the mix between Mike's love for 1950s motor racing, which is easy to see when you read the book, and historical writing expertise. A lesson perhaps for all those budding fiction writers out there - take a subject that you are personally fanatical about and start with the facts. [caption id="attachment_50" align="alignnone" width="99" caption="A Ribbon Of Road In The Moonlight"]A Ribbon Of Road In The Moonlight[/caption]

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