Worlds Largest Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Adds Cryptocurrency

Posted by Rahul Singh on

Our bookstore, is the largest dedicated bookshop for Sherlock Holmes books in the world with over 400 titles.

Now we are delighted to confirm that we have added Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods. This continues our long tradition of being at the forefront of technology;

Print on demand - we were the first publisher in the world, nearly twenty years ago, to be purely Print On Demand (POD). Since we have added POD colour, POD hardcovers and recently POD colour hardcovers.

eBooks - all of our books are available across the main ebook platforms including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks and more

Audio books - we were the first Sherlock Holmes publisher to adopt audio books on mass and have around 180 live titles.

Whatever technological developments come to the book industry we'll be ready.


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