Top Sherlock Holmes Audio books in February so far

Posted by Steve Emecz on

It's been a fantastic month for new book releases like East Wind Coming and here are the top seven bestselling audiobooks so far:

1.  Further Little-Known Cases of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Hall and David Bufton

2.  Demon of The Dusk – Arthur Hall and Nick Crosby

3.  The Druid of Death – Richard T. Ryan and Nigel Peever

4.  The Final Tales Volume 1: The Musical Murders – John A. Little and Steve White

5.  Sherlock Holmes and the Shadows of St. Petersburg – Daniel D. Victor and Ben Carling

6.  The Adventure of The Pigtail Twist – Matthew Simmonds and Joff Manning

7.  Through a Glass Starkly – Richard T. Ryan and Luke Barton

For more audio books click here.

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