Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks in Feb 2023 so far

Posted by Steve Emecz on

David Marcum's 2nd novel is the top selling audiobook so far and he had a hand in #2 as David edited the Terry Golledge collection. It's a great month for Orlando Pearson from his Redacted Sherlock Holmes series with three in the top ten.

1.   Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Heka – David Marcum and Luke Barton

2.   The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes – Terry Golledge and Michael Langan

3.   Through a Glass Starkly – Richard T. Ryan and Luke Barton

4.   Death at Tennis – Orlando Pearson and Luke Barton

5.   Medical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Carl Heifetz and J.T. McDaniel

6.   The Redacted Sherlock Holmes (Volume I) – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

7.   Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Cold-Served Revenge – Petr Macek and Dominic Lopez

8.   Sherlock Holmes and the Sixty Steps – Séamas Duffy and Michael Langan

9.   The Adventure of the Fourth Messenger – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

10.  The Undiscovered Archives of Sherlock Holmes – John Lawrence and Adam Blanford

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