#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Week 23 - Last Audiobook Week

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Week 23 - The last week of international audiobook month - and we have another 100 free audiobooks - 2 each to the first 50 fans to apply... 

Please use contact us form quoting THIF-80 and let us know your country - please let us know which two books you would like...



Tales from Scotland Yard - Lestrade   $12.95 

Lestrade realized abruptly that he was not alone. He turned to face his assailants. Outnumbered, he braced himself for an unfair fight with no delusions of winning. Light glinted off metal as one of the men drew a blade, and Lestrade knew that he was in for more than just a beating – these men fully intended to kill him.

London. 1867. Against the advice of his senior partner and mentor, newly promoted Inspector Lestrade agrees to look into a case no one else wants, only to find that there is more to investigate than a simple disappearance, and that his fellow Inspectors may not be as trustworthy as they seem. Determined to carry on, uncertain who to trust, Lestrade faces danger and corruption both in the city-and within Scotland Yard itself.


A New Line of Attack

Holmes recognizes his nonpareil as he watches cricketer, Don Bradman, at the Oval in 1930.

But Holmes's petitioner is none other than future England captain, Douglas Jardine, who wants Holmes to find a way of getting the better of the Australia star.

Holmes and Jardine devise tactics that meet with extreme success when England make their tour of Australia in the winter of 1932-1933, but are hugely controversial. And these are not the only dramatic events afoot at this time. England's tour coincides with a constitutional crisis in Germany and Holmes and Watson are commissioned by the Foreign Office to go to Germany to stop the march to power of Adolf Hitler.

But the rise of Hitler is not the only matter on the Foreign Office's agenda.



    Rendezvous at The Populaire $16.95

    Sherlock Holmes has retired. After a cruel accident during a fruitless chase for Moriarty, Holmes is maimed badly enough that he declares he will no longer solve the crimes of the London streets. But then a letter comes.

    A letter imploring him to investigate the Opera Populaire's ghost. The specter everyone has heard rumors of, but only one has seen.




    The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Part X: 2018 Annual (1896-1916) Hardcover  $44.95

    Part X: 2018 Annual (1896-1916) features contributions by: Mike Hogan, Kelvin Jones, Jim French, Arthur Hall, Steve Ehrman, Greg Hatcher, Jayantika Ganguly, Paul Freeman, Dick Gillman, Maurice Barkley, Daniel D. Victor, Martin Rosenstock, Peter Coe Verbica, Hugh Ashton, Will Murray, Robert Perret, Thaddeus Tuffentsamer, G.L. Schulze, Tim Symonds, and a poem by Derrick Belanger. . . and Forewords in both volumes by Nicholas Meyer, Roger Johnson, and David Marcum.

    Offer $24 (discount $15)

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    B Is For Baker Street - a charming first Sherlock Holmes book for young kids.

    Sherlock Holmes Study in Illustrations Volume 1 from Mike Foy

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