#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Week 19

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Week 19 - Here are the offers valid from now until 9am Saturday UK time (4am EST). This week, you can use the special discount code for the books of the week on both books if you like (a big $60 saving) - and we've opened up for the first 10 customers as these are out most popular collections. Please click 'Apply' when you put the code in and check that the discount has applied and changed the total.

Please consider adding a 'mystery book' to your order too as it helps us spread the postage. 

Books of the week

MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Volume I (click) $44.95

This volume covers the years from 1881 to 1889 including contributions from John Hall, Hugh Ashton, Adrian Middleton, David Marcum, Jayantika Ganguly, Denis O. Smith, Amy Thomas, Kevin David Barratt, Luke Benjamen Kuhns, Summer Perkins, Deana Baran, Shane Simmons, C.H. Dye, Mark Mower, Derrick Belanger , Daniel D. Victor, Steve Mountatin, Stephen Wade, John Heywood, Will Thomas, Daniel McGachey, Martin Rosenstock, Craig Janacek, (and a poem from Michael Kurland).


The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories has reached 27 volumes, 575 stories and continues with more volumes this autumn. The ideal gift for the Sherlock Holmes fan in your life as the collection is the largest in the world - with many starred reviews from Publishers Weekly (read them here).

Offer $14.95 (discount $30) - Quantity 10

Code at basket     THIF-70


The Complete Dr. Thorndyke - Volume I: The Red Thumb Mark, the Eye of Osiris and the Mystery of 31 New Inn (click) $44.95

Volume I contains the first three Thorndyke novels, published in 1907, 1911, and 1912, respectively. Set in London during the time that Sherlock Holmes was still in practice, these introduce us to Thorndyke and his world, as well as painting a vivid picture of the London of that era.


This is the first of nine matching volumes that cover the entire Thorndyke collection. A great starter for collectors who want all his stories on their shelf.

Offer $14.95 (discount $30.00) - Quantity 10

Code at basket     THIF-70


Free AudioBooks of the Week

Murder In The Library 
(click)  $19.95 by Felicia Carparelli

Are librarians meek and mild bookish types with orthopedic shoes and granny glasses?  Or are they ruthless killers with voracious appetites for wine, women and song?  Can a young widow solve a murder with the help of a Chicago policeman and an affinity for Sherlock Holmes?  The Murder in the Library reveals all.  It’s elementary, my dears.



Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-72 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


The Celtic Phoenix: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: Introducing Tessa Wiggins - The Irregular Detective (click) by Kim Krisco

An enigmatic jewelry case, holding human remains, arrives at the cottage of Sherlock Holmes, enticing him from his retirement refuge in the Sussex Downs. Holmes sets out on the trail of the murderer taunting him, joining forces with one of his former Baker Street irregulars, Tessa Wiggins. The two find themselves battling forces arising from a time before England was a country—when the Celts were fighting for survival.



Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-69 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Art Print of the week

The Adventure of the Marchindale Stileto (click) $35.00

#30 - The Adventure of the Marchindale Stileto Rafael Gluckstern Gardos

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author James Lovegrove

Offer $25.00 ($10 discount)    Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-ART


Other offers


UK Clearance - We have just a few books left in the 75% off UK clearance section for fans in the UK.

Sherlock Holmes Book Club - Free gift when you join the Sherlock Holmes Book Club....

The Conan Doyle Notes Hardcover (USA Only) - $18.95 off, down to $10 with the code 'CONAN'

Kickstarter - there are four Sherlock Holmes campaigns on Kickstarter 

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