#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Week 11

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Week 11 - Here are the offers valid until 9am Saturday UK time (5am EST). Only one discount code can be used per customer so please pick your offer. Please consider adding a 'mystery book' to your order too as it helps us spread the postage. 



Books of the week

MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volume X Hardcover (click) $44.95 

Publisher's Weekly Review...
" All 19 stories in Marcum’s 10th pastiche anthology (after Part IX) manage both to remain faithful to Conan Doyle and to display the creative plotting gifts of their authors." (full review)
436 Pages, Dust Jacketed Hardcover.
Offer $14.95 (discount $30.00) - Quantity 5
Code at basket     THIF-37


Jeremy Brett - Playing a Part (B&W edition) (click) $34.95

With a foreword from David Burke who played Granada's inaugural Dr. John H. Watson alongside Brett in the series, this book is a comprehensive review of Jeremy's career on stage and screen. It contains hundred of rarely seen and some exclusive photographs with the kind permission of the Brett family, Granada Studios and many others.
Offer $24.95 (discount $10.00) - Quantity 10
Code at basket     JEREMY


Free AudioBooks of the Week

Welcome to Undershaw - A Brief History of Arthur Conan Doyle: The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes (click)  $18.99 by Luke Kuhns

Undershaw was the Surrey home of Arthur Conan Doyle between 1897-1907. Built lovingly for his wife Touie to help treat her ongoing battle with tuberculosis, Arthur created a haven for his wife and family. It was here he wrote The Hound of The Baskervilles, brought Sherlock Holmes back to life in The Empty House, and entertained guests such as writer J.M. Barrie, illustrator Sidney Paget, renowned actor William Gillette, and more. Welcome to Undershaw explores the early life of Arthur Conan Doyle through to his departure from Undershaw. You will see he was a more than just the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle was a man of adventure with a passion for chivalry and knights, theatre and politics, sports and travel.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-38 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Watson Is Not an Idiot: An Opinionated Tour of the Sherlock Holmes Canon (click) $16.95 by Eddy Webb

Over the past few years, Sherlock Holmes has exploded in popularity. The character has made a huge impact on the 21st century, with multiple interpretations gaining a growing audience of new Sherlockians. But many fans of Sherlock and Elementary know very little about the original stories themselves. Watson is Not an Idiot is an opinionated exploration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original canon, written to illustrate interesting features and historical elements of the stories from the perspective of a lifelong fan of the material. It's not academic, but a companion -- the passionate, excited, and sometimes ranty friend who sits alongside you and points out interesting bits while you read. Watson is Not an Idiot is perfect for the first-time reader of the stories and fans curious about starting a more critical reading of the material.

Offer $ free    Quantity   5 US,  5 UK 

First five from USA and UK to use contact us form with code THIF-39 and let us know if you would like a US or UK code.


Art Print of the week

The Adventure of The Pharoah's Tablet

From a story by Robert Perrett

Offer $25.00 ($10 discount)    Quantity 5

Code at basket     THIF-40


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