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Week 46 - All the best in new Sherlock Holmes content...

1. New Books

2. Offers  

3. Free Audiobooks 

4. Kickstarters

5. Holiday Ideas

6. The MX Publishing Audio Collection


1. NEW BOOKS out this week... 

Just one new book this week - but a rather unique one.

Improbable Protégé

Limited Edition Run of just 100 hardcovers.

Each book is numbered and can be personalised.

Sherlock Holmes often relied upon a gang of adolescent boys and girls he recruited from the London slums—his irregulars. The most beloved member of these street Arabs was Tessa Wiggins. Holmes’s relationship with her and the other irregulars has largely been an untold story . . . until now.

Irregular Lives begins in post-WWI London, as Holmes retires. A mysterious photography exhibit catapults him back in time to early experiences with Tessa, Ugly, Snape and other members if his urban army. But his reminiscences are merely a prelude to a thrilling adventure that begins when a jolly reunion with the irregulars erupts in tragedy.

Though set in 1919, The Celtic Phoenix is steeped in the enigmatic culture of the ancient Celts—where women are the equal to men as warriors, priests, and poets. The Celtic Phoenix is the journey of three women who rise from the ashes of their past and shake the rational foundations upon Sherlock Holmes built his life and career.

The Magnificent Madness of Tessa Wiggins finds Tessa struggling with the adopted spirit of a Druid priestess teaching her how to be the servant of The Earth Mother. When Tessa defies treatment, her lover asks her childhood friend, Sherlock Holmes, to intervene. But despite everyone’s best intentions, Tessa finds herself in an asylum that drives her toward a final breaking point on All-Halloween.

If you have ever wondered who followed in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, this book is for you.


There are about thirty new books out in September, October and November making for some excellent holiday reading and gifts - New Sherlock Holmes Books.



As we're past our guaranteed shipping date pre-xmas for regular books, we'll focus in November on local offers.

USA - Hand-made Christmas gifts - wonderful Sherlockian gifts hand-made by several artists in the USA. From Christmas cards to lovely wooden ornaments.


UK - Clearance Bundle - $50 worth of books for $10

USA - Conan Doyle Notes - $28.95 first edition for $10 (use code 'CONAN')



One new and one catalogue book this week. Please use contact us form quoting THIF-105 and let us know your country - we'll send you the books. If you've already got one of them, please let us know which you would like. 

Please note that we would really appreciate ratings and reviews for those books that you enjoy. The free audiobooks program takes a lot of time to administrate and getting the ratings and reviews makes it all worth it.   

Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries

For Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler was always the woman, but at the end of A Scandal in Bohemia, Dr. Watson had pronounced her dead and gone. However, reports of her death were greatly exaggerated. Holmes and Miss Adler had fallen in love at first sight, and she promptly moved in with Holmes and Watson at 221B Baker Street.

In an effort to protect the delicate sensibilities of the British reading public, Watson explained her presence by referring to her as Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper, even as Holmes and Adler combined forces to become a formidable detecting duo. In these three cases, they must overcome the evil schemes of the late Professor Moriarty's daughter - the wicked and brilliant Marie Chartier - whose only goal in life is to become the Napoleoness of Crime.

In The Adventure of the Elusive Ear, Vincent Van Gogh arrives at 221B, desperate to have Holmes recover his missing ear, leading Holmes and Adler to uncover a diabolical Post-Impressionist conspiracy thanks to the assistance of Oscar Wilde.

In The Adventure of the Fallen Soufflé, world-renowned chef Auguste Escoffier is threatened with scandal and ruin even as the gambling and womanizing Prince of Wales flees Anarchist assassins, and a plot to steal the priceless Koh-i-Noor diamond is revealed.

In The Adventure of the Ghost Machine, the newest world-changing inventions of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison have been stolen, and Holmes must overcome the greatest loss of his career by deducing the hidden connection between a single inch, 100,000 volts, and the human pulse.

Intrigue, romance, mystery, absinthe overindulgence, roasted ortolan, death rays, and women in corsets sword-fighting all await, as Dr. Watson relates these heretofore hidden cases of Sherlock Holmes.


Eliminate the Impossible

The book begins with a brief examination of the effect that the stories have had on modern crime literature. It goes on to examine the origins of the character of Holmes himself from his appearance to his drug use and supposed dislike of women. We then move onto a mini-biography of some of the significant characters in the series. Each of the original stories by Conan Doyle is examined in an effort to explain some of the more esoteric aspects and an examination is made of the attempts to form a proper chronology for the stories - as Doyle did not write the stories in strict chronological order. The second half of the book focuses on Holmes's career on the screen. There is a brief examination of some of the more notable actors to have portrayed Holmes and the films in which they appeared. Finally we look at the possible requirements for a definitive screen portrayal of the canon.



Kickstarter is a great way to support projects you like and get a great bargain - usually many months ahead of publication. Big discounts and even signed first editions.

Sherlock Holmes - Studies in Scarlet - live Sherlockian Theatre - Holmes reflects on the greatest villains he has faced...

Sherlock Holmes - A Perilous Engagement - Orlando Pearson’s new play about a recent political scandal mixed with an Edwardian romance also tinged with scandal.



It's that time of year to be thinking of great Sherlockian gifts. Whilst we have passed the shipping date for our small store, the big onlines have almost everything in stock:

Here are the current favourites (Amazon for USA, Book Depository rest of world) and we'll add more in the coming weeks:

a) B is for Baker Street - picture book and colouring book - Amazon USA  Book Depository



b) Memoirs from Mrs Hudson's Kitchen - behind the scenes at Baker Street including around fifty Victorian recipes...  - Amazon USA    Book Depository


c) The Night Before Christmas at 221B - one Sherlockian family's wonderful holiday enactment designed to inspire others  - Amazon USA    Book Depository


6. The MX Publishing Audio Collection

Coming next week, a massive step for us - The MX Publishing Audio Collection is the launch of our audio app. It will be available on both iPhone and Android on a monthly subscription and include interviews, theatre performances and exclusive fiction not available anywhere else. There will be new content added every month, especially traditional Sherlock Holmes short stories. There will be a limited time special lifetime discount launch offer in next week's #THIF...


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