#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Offers 2022 - Week 2

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It's the second week of the year and we have our first new audiobook launch! Gregg Rosenquists 'Sherlock Holmes – The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories' has already jumped to #1 in the sales chart and you can get a copy for free - it contains ten excellent Sherlock Holmes stories...


1. New Books (get them pre-publication) 

2. January Offers

3. Free Audiobooks (we give away 75 books a week)

4. Audio App - Jeffrey Hatcher interview released

5. Sherlock Holmes Book Club


1. New Books

As many of you will know, one of the benefits of subscribing to our newsletter is to know about, and get access to, new Sherlock Holmes books months ahead of the public. Here are some great new books you can grab now whilst others wait.....


Mrs Hudson Goes To Paris - 14th Feb 2022

This is Susan Knight's third book featuring Mrs Hudson as investigator. The first was a short story collection (Mrs Hudson Investigates) and the second her first novel (Mrs Hudson Goes To Ireland).

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London's review of Mrs Hudson Goes To Ireland was glowing - Rarely do I finish a book in one sitting; on this occasion I had to burn the midnight oil to find out what happened in the end. If Mr Holmes ever worried about his competition, he need only look under his own roof; in Mrs Hudson, he may have well and truly met his match in terms of her investigating skills!    


Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie (31st March)

We've been itching to make this gorgeous book available and here it finally is. Written and illustrated by friends Heather and Amanda this is a brilliant book for young children. It's also featuring in a Kickstarter this week.... (click here)

“From now on, I am going to be Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Cat Detective.” With those words, my friend Spot decided he would become a crime-solving kitty.

“And you, of course,” he said dramatically. “Will be my faithful friend, Dr. John Watson. The one who writes down all of my adventures and shares them with the world! We’ll be famous! Everyone will know the name ‘Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Greatest Cat Detective!’” 

“Mm hmm,” I agreed. I wasn’t too worried. I was sure that, by morning, Spot would have forgotten all about becoming Sherlock Holmes. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.


The Undiscovered Archives of Sherlock Holmes (24th March)

The author of these “history mysteries” is John Lawrence, a University of California-trained history Ph.D. who spent nearly 40 years as a top staff person in the U.S. House of Representatives, the last 8 as chief of staff to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The author uses his professional training to blend historical fact with Holmesian embellishments that produce unique stories any devotee of The Canon will enjoy. These are all traditional-style pastiches published in various anthologies from 2015 – 2020, including the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.


The Additional Investigations of Sherlock Holmes (21st April)

One look at Arthur Hall's profile on this site (click here) and you'll see that Arthur Hall is one of the most prolific Holmes writers of the last decade with six novels (a seventh coming soon) and several short story collections. This book contains seven more of his short stories.


Sherlock Holmes - A Study in Illustrations - Volume 2 (20th March)

Fans loved Mike's first collection of illustrations, even though the first book was dominated by Sidney Paget. The second volume is even larger at 456 pages and over 400 images. The books are very large casebound hardcovers and they are running on Kickstarter too.


2.  January Offers

With nearly 100 Sherlock Holmes books written by female authors, our main January offer is a 40% discount on all the book in our 'Female Authors Collection'. With over forty authors, including several award winners there's lots to choose from.

Minimum purchase is three books using the code 'sherlockfemale'.


3. Free Audiobooks

This week it's all about short story collections - there are over twenty Sherlock Holmes stories up for grabs here. Remember to use the contact us form, quote #THIF 111 and let us know which country you are from.


Sherlock Holmes – The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories

In "The Pearl of Death", Holmes and Watson are asked by Scotland Yard to recover a stolen, priceless, giant, cursed pearl - and nearly die while doing so. "Mrs Watson’s Gold Locket" presents a rare mystery that Holmes fails to solve. In the "Mystery of the Nameless Man", a traveler with amnesia enlists Holmes’ aid in finding out who he is, where he came from, and why he’s in London. "Lure of the Rhinoceros Head" pits Holmes against an adversary he’ll never be able to catch. The epic "Case of the Marble Ghost" presents Holmes with a mystery so baffling he nearly brings himself and Scotland Yard to ruin trying to solve it. 

Holmes, Watson and Mycroft, Holmes’ older brother, interview the famous French adventure writer, Jules Verne, in "The Predictability Problem". What they learn about the impending future of the British Empire rattles them to their cores. In "Bane of the Black Brigand", Mrs. Hudson is caught in her kitchen holding a bloody knife while standing over the murdered corpse of a strange copper-haired man. "The Late Constable Avery" shows how Holmes cleverly solves the murder of a constable’s wife simply by using his immense powers of logic, observation and deduction. "A Most Irregular Murder" details Holmes’ very personal investigation concerning the murder of one of his Baker Street Irregulars. And finally, in "The Adventure of the Underworld Assassin", Holmes’ detecting skills are tested to their limits as he tries to stop an assassin from destroying the British government.


The Redacted Sherlock Holmes - Volume V

Five sensational Sherlock Holmes stories by Orlando Pearson followed by three meditations hinting at the most radical theory yet about the Great Baker Street Detective. 

The stories include: "A Type of Infamy" - Holmes investigates a mysterious disappearance in 1938; "The Fourth Student" - shocking events in the worlds of athletics and medicine; "A Question of Time" - Holmes, Churchill, and Realpolitik at Britain's finest hour; "The Sleeper's Cache" - the sequel to "The Bruce-Partington Plans" with Machiavellian manoeuvring by Mycroft; "The Other Woman" - Holmes's second female nemesis and a musical discovery; and "Three Holmesian Meditations" - an investigation into the true nature of the enigma that is Sherlock Holmes. 

Mr Pearson's previous works have been hailed by the Church Times as "Clever, thought-provoking, and terrific fun". This description applies just as aptly to this latest collection. A must for traditionalists, lovers of crime fiction, and anyone who likes a thrilling book.


The Shepherds Bushman: The Final Tales of Sherlock Holmes, Book 3

In this series of five short stories, Holmes and Watson continue their late investigations into dark crimes in 1920s London, joined by their excitable housekeeper at 221B Baker Street, the brilliant, buxom Miss Lily Hudson, and by Jasper Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the ambitious, respectful son of the late George Lestrade. Thanks to Royal Jelly, Holmes is a fit 72-year-old who has lost his interest in bees and returned to detecting, joining forces again with his colleague and friend, Dr. John Hamish Watson, a 74-year-old unfit twice-widower, who hankers after the good old days of derring-do. Together they explore the case of the Shepherds Bushman when a dying aborigine finds his way to 221B Baker Street; the Acton Body-Snatchers and the disappearing boy sopranos; the Notting Hill Rapist and the stripping of pregnant women; the Clapham Witch, who casts her voodoo spells on sad old men; and the Battersea Fetishists, a secret brotherhood with some truly murderous rituals.


4. Audio App

The MX Audio Collection continues to grow - this week we added our first full length audiobook into the app and many more to come.

We have a January offer on the app which you can read here - Audio App Adds more stories


5. Sherlock Holmes Book Club

If you haven't started collecting the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, now is the perfect time. There are thirty volumes in the collection so far with over 800 Sherlock Holmes traditional short stories. Our subscription means you get a beautiful hardcover edition every month at a discount from RRP each month. It's a brilliant way to collect, with 20-30 stories per volume.

It also makes the perfect gift as you can select a different delivery address. With over 200 authors participating it's the largest Sherlock Holmes story collection in the world by far.

Join the club here 'Sherlock Holmes Book Club

One of our collectors (Craig) with his favourite editions 


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