#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday Offers 2022 - Week 1

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It's the first week of the year and with the holiday delivery issues behind us, we're back to audio AND print offers.

1. New Books (paperbacks, get them pre-publication)

2. January Offers

3. Free Audiobooks (we give away 75 books a week)

4. Audio App - Jeffrey Hatcher interview released

5. Sherlock Holmes Book Club


1. New Books

As many of you will know, one of the benefits of subscribing to our newsletter is to know about, and get access to, new Sherlock Holmes books months ahead of the public. Here are some great new books you can grab now whilst others wait.....


Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie (31st March)

We've been itching to make this gorgeous book available and here it finally is. Written and illustrated by friends Heather and Amanda this is a brilliant book for young children. It's also featuring in a Kickstarter this week.... (click here)

“From now on, I am going to be Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Cat Detective.” With those words, my friend Spot decided he would become a crime-solving kitty.

“And you, of course,” he said dramatically. “Will be my faithful friend, Dr. John Watson. The one who writes down all of my adventures and shares them with the world! We’ll be famous! Everyone will know the name ‘Sherlock Holmes, The World’s Greatest Cat Detective!’” 

“Mm hmm,” I agreed. I wasn’t too worried. I was sure that, by morning, Spot would have forgotten all about becoming Sherlock Holmes. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.


The Undiscovered Archives of Sherlock Holmes (24th March)

The author of these “history mysteries” is John Lawrence, a University of California-trained history Ph.D. who spent nearly 40 years as a top staff person in the U.S. House of Representatives, the last 8 as chief of staff to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The author uses his professional training to blend historical fact with Holmesian embellishments that produce unique stories any devotee of The Canon will enjoy. These are all traditional-style pastiches published in various anthologies from 2015 – 2020, including the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.


The Additional Investigations of Sherlock Holmes (21st April)

One look at Arthur Hall's profile on this site (click here) and you'll see that Arthur Hall is one of the most prolific Holmes writers of the last decade with six novels (a seventh coming soon) and several short story collections. This book contains seven more of his short stories.


Sherlock Holmes - A Study in Illustrations - Volume 2 (20th March)

Fans loved Mike's first collection of illustrations, even though the first book was dominated by Sidney Paget. The second volume is even larger at 456 pages and over 400 images. The books are very large casebound hardcovers and they are running on Kickstarter too.


2.  January Offers

With nearly 100 Sherlock Holmes books written by female authors, our main January offer is a 40% discount on all the book in our 'Female Authors Collection'. With over forty authors, including several award winners there's lots to choose from.

Minimum purchase is three books using the code 'sherlockfemale'.


3. Free Audiobooks

Last week we ran out of audiobook codes so please get your requests in early - we'll try and give some alternatives if it happens again! Remember to use the contact us form, quote #THIF 110 and let us know which country you are from.

Upon a Nation's Honour - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Amazon USA

1906. HMS Dreadnaught, Britain's latest battleship, lies in her moorings in a Portsmouth dockyard awaiting her sea trials. Her design and armament renders the current warships of other nations obsolete. 

Secret items of novel yet vital radio detection equipment are stolen from her hold by agents of a foreign power. Holmes is requested by military intelligence to determine the perpetrators and trace the existence of the stolen items before they are successfully removed from the country. His investigations reveal the existence of an old and implacable enemy. Secrecy is paramount. Public knowledge of the crime would possibly result in a European war of disastrous consequences.


The Gondolier and The Russian Countess

Amazon USA

Venice, 1902. A Holmes and Watson adventure featuring amorous women, Ukrainian bruisers, an English policeman whose wit is rather trying, Venetian churches, and the odd Tintoretto or two. 


The Secret Assassin: The Rediscovered Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Book 3

Amazon USA

The body lying on its back before us was unquestionably that of the man who had attempted to kill Holmes and I with explosives at Glenbury Gardens. He wore the same dark clothing, although his hat was gone, and the hare lip was a livid scar on his pallid face. Strangely, it crossed my mind that what could be seen of his expression in death was softer than that he had worn in life. 

(NOTE: Although this is book 3 in the series - they are stand alone and can be read in any order - if you would also like books 1 and 2 please let us know on the contact form)


4. Audio App

The MX Audio Collection continues to grow - this week we released the exclusive interview with Jeffrey Hatcher, the screenwriter of Mr. Holmes. We have a January offer on the app which you can read here - Audio App January Offer.



5. Sherlock Holmes Book Club

If you haven't started collecting the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, now is the perfect time. There are thirty volumes in the collection so far with over 800 Sherlock Holmes traditional short stories. Our subscription means you get a beautiful hardcover edition every month at a discount from RRP each month. It's a brilliant way to collect, with 20-30 stories per volume.

It also makes the perfect gift as you can select a different delivery address. With over 200 authors participating it's the largest Sherlock Holmes story collection in the world by far.

Join the club here 'Sherlock Holmes Book Club

One of our collectors (Craig) with his favourite editions 


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