#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 5

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Week 5 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023

We continue our quest to give away hundreds of Sherlock Holmes audiocodes each week and this week it's a choice of three from four from the catalogue. 

Redacted Sherlock Holmes Interview recorded this week...



There are two campaigns running;

Sherlock Holmes and The Unmasking of the Whitechapel Horror - Holmes, Watson and Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline solve the unmasking, arrest, trial and execution of the real Jack The Ripper.

The Arrival of Solar Pons Early manuscripts and pulp magazine appearances of the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street 

Free Audiobooks

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 5-2023 and let us know which country you are from. Please only ask for books you don't already have. 


Holmes Sweet Holmes (McCabe and Cody Book 2)

Writer-actor-director Peter Gerard's latest film was a smash hit, but some fans of Sherlock Holmes were outraged. Why? Because 221 B Bourbon Street portrayed the beloved detective as a goateed, saxophone-playing Southern American working in 1920s New Orleans! 

Was it a disgruntled Sherlockian or someone else who hated Gerard enough to kill him twice? That is what mystery writer and college Professor Sebastian McCabe, assisted by brother-in-law Jeff Cody, must find out before McCabe's own disgraceful involvement in the affair comes to light. And it will take a little stage magic to do it. 

Amid this challenging mystery, Jeff's complicated relationship with the lovely journalist Lynda Teal seems to be reaching a definitive resolution just as Jeff approaches his birthday. 

Listeners who so enjoyed the best-selling No Police Like Holmes will find this sequel packed with the same suspense, surprises, and sharp humor that characterized the debut adventure of Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody.


Medical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Dr. Verner

The Sherlockian Canon, as prolific as it is, contains few accounts in which Mr. Holmes and his medical colleagues Doctors Watson and Verner solve cases involving frightening medical conditions. It strikes me that many more such cases were successfully solved by Mr. Holmes and his associates. It is unlikely that Doctors Watson and Verner would allow such mysteries remain unsolved. 

However, the likelihood of public fear nod panic has resulted in the stories being kept secret. Thanks to the current Verner family, we have now been permitted to listen to Dr. Watson's narrative concerning these adventures.

Secrets of Baker Street: The Curious Adventures Of The Real Holmes And Watson

Follow the recorded tales of Dr. Watson herself as she navigates life with the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes. And discover the truth behind their unique bond as they uncover the necessity of each other.

In case you were not aware, behind every great man is a woman with a very convincing fake mustache. Thus, the tales of the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson may, in fact, surprise you.

Regrettably, Johanna Watson was born a woman, and to add to her father’s dismay, she was horrendously bad at it. She had a fire in her and a passion for research, science, and learning that her father didn’t understand.

But after striking a deal with her brother, she took his place studying medicine incognito behind their father’s back. Thus, the erudite Doctor John Watson was established in the world. After returning to London, she found rooms at 221B Baker Street with the enigmatic individual Sherlock Holmes. Watson did not anticipate they would have much in common - she was wrong. Sherlock has her own secrets, and a life so full of mystery and intrigue that Watson cannot help but get wrapped up in it.

Cases take their friendship all over London and further afield as the pair form an unexpected companionship. But as Watson’s knack for deduction improves, her feelings toward her roommate change in a way neither of them can predict.These tales, recounting their adventures, are recorded by the Doctor. She hopes you love them as much as she enjoyed them making the memories.


Cat Flap

A contemporary Sherlock Holmes, the eccentric Bernie Quist is a consultant detective in the city of York. Christmas is days away, and once again, the reclusive sleuth will be quietly celebrating alone. His assistant Watson, a teenager from the Grimpen housing estate, has other ideas, mostly involving parties, girls, and beer. Yuletide plans are halted when three chemists die and the fiance of one hires them to look into her apparent suicide. After discovering the chemist wasn't engaged, they're drawn into the mystery when their employer is killed. Added to this, Watson has a puzzle of his own - Quist is clearly hiding something and he's curious to know what. The investigation leads to a shady cartel of northern businessmen, a forgotten Egyptian cult, and an ancient evil lurking in the medieval alleyways of York. Quist's secret is also revealed, and Watson doesn't know what terrifies him the most.

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