#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 37 - Bernie Quist

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New rewards await you for supporting a great cause!

Let’s keep it going and celebrate the Happy Life Children’s Rescue Centre

Since the launch of our first ever art project to mark the 20th anniversary of The Happy Life Children’s Rescue Centre, we’ve managed to raise just over £1,500. We’re on a mission to bring more basic care, educational resources and medical services to the children at Happy Life and need your help to reach our ultimate goal of £5,000.

Together, we can make this project an absolute triumph - and we've added three Sherlock Holmes mystery book bundles as rewards.

  • A 3 Book Bundle
  • A 5 Book Bundle 
  • A $50 digital bundle for about $10 (ideal for all Holmes fans)

You can check out the project here - Happy Life on Kickstarter.


Free Audiobooks

To celebrate the launch of the 5th Bernie Quist novel this week 'The Rumba of The Beast' from Ian Jarvis, we're offering the first four books on audio. This is a fun fantasy adaptation that all Holmes fans should enjoy (a modern day Sherlock Holmes based in the city of York) and brilliantly narrated by Chris Power.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 37-2023 and let us know which country you are in and we'll send you the books you choose.

Book 1 Cat Flap

Book 2 The Music of Sound

Book 3 Judgement Clay

Book 4 Badda Moon Rising

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