#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 35

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Week 35

This week, to celebrate (finally!) the re-release of No Police Like Holmes, the first McCabe and Cody mystery in audio, we are offering fans all of our Dan Andriacco audio books - a total of up to 13 free audiobooks this Friday.

The 12th novel in the McCabe and Cody series - The Woman In Red - is itself on Kickstarter this week.

In return, we ask everyone to at least take a look at our big Happy Life campaign on Kickstarter, and consider backing it with just $1 as backer numbers really help us promote the campaign. If you're not able to back it, please share it.

There are plenty of Sherlock Holmes rewards involved - including for the very first time the chance to get the Art of Sherlock Holmes books in PDF - 56 stories and 56 amazing pieces of art.

There's also a chance to get all 4 Art of Sherlock Holmes books in print about $100 off the bundle of 4...

Celebrating The Happy Life Children's Rescue Centre Through Art.


Free Audiobooks

The entire (so far) Dan Andriacco audio collection of up to 13 books. If you want them all just put 'All the books please!' on the form - otherwise please let us know which books so we don't send you codes for what you already have.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 35-2023 and let us know which country you are in and we'll send you the books you choose.


McCabe and Cody

No Police Like Holmes (McCabe and Cody Book 1)

Holmes Sweet Holmes (McCabe and Cody Book 2)

The 1895 Murder: McCabe and Cody Series, Book 3

The Disappearance of Mr James Phillimore (McCabe and Cody Book 4)

Bookmarked for Murder: McCabe and Cody, Book 5

Erin Go Bloody: McCabe and Cody Series, Book 6

Queen City Corpse (McCabe and Cody Book 7)

and short stories

The Revengers

The Adventure of the Vatican Cameos

Enoch Hale

The Amateur Executioner

Holmes Short Stories

Sherlock Holmes: The Peculiar Persecution of John Vincent Harden

Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Magic Umbrella

Holmes Non-Fiction / Fiction Mixed

Baker Street Beat - an Eclectic Collection of Sherlockian Scribblings




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