#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 - Week 39

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Week 39 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 

If you'd like to see our newest books, many of which are available pre-publication click here - New Sherlock Holmes Books - the 50% off all new 2022 books offer runs until the end of September...

Out this week in print are:

The 11th book in the internationally acclaimed 'McCabe and Cody' series from Dan Andriacco 'The English Garden Mystery'This is one of the longest running series of modern mysteries based on the Holmes and Watson format. There are now eleven novels and two short story collections based in a small town in Ohio. To celebrate, we're offering 3 for 2 (or indeed 6 for 4, 9 for 6 or 12 for 9) on the whole series with the promo code 'Dan'.

is our bestselling audiobook of the year Sherlock Holmes: The Persian Slipper and Other Stories by Breada Seabrooke. If you've listened to the audio please do post a rating on Amazon as it helps a lot.

...plus several of the Sherlock Holmes campaigns on Kickstarter are coming to a close this week.


Free Audiobooks

Two new books out this week - the amazing Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie and another tale from the Redacted Sherlock Holmes - The Cherry Tree and The Comma. Two very different books. We've also added a short story from Don Emigh to make three audiobooks in total.

Please remember to post a rating of the book and a short review if possible as reviews and ratings go to help fund our free audiobook programme.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 144 and let us know which country you are from.

If you already have one or more of the books please let us know so we don't waste the codes.      


Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie

“From now on, I am going to be Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Cat Detective.”

With those words, my friend Spot decided he would become a crime-solving kitty.

“And you, of course,” he said dramatically, “will be my faithful friend, Dr. John Watson. The one who writes down all of my adventures and shares them with the world! We’ll be famous! Everyone will know the name ‘Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Cat Detective’!” 

“Mm hmm,” I agreed. I wasn’t too worried. I was sure that, by morning, Spot would have forgotten all about becoming Sherlock Holmes.
Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.


The Cherry Tree and the Comma

It is Easter 1916. As young men go to the trenches in their millions, they take with them A. E. Housman’s collection of poetry, A Shropshire Lad. “Easy to read in the most difficult circumstances and full of happy memories of home”, opines Mycroft Holmes. But has Housman succumbed to German influence? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are sent to investigate and come up with a finding unexpected to them. Mycroft lets their finding pass, but Watson is then witness to some Machiavellian political machinations from Mycroft as he deals with Irish rebel Roger Casement. A chilling insight on what it means to run the British government.


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Evil Eye

A member of the London Chess Club has dropped dead during a game, supposedly of a heart attack. An officer of the club believes he was murdered by his opponent's evil eye. Holmes finds that his death was not caused by an evil eye, but - was it or was it not poisoned jelly beans?



A Twist of Lyme

Who are the "men in the garden"? Was Chipping Norton really once the center of the universe? What part do dodgy knees have to play? Just who are Johnny Norfolk and Johnny Stevens? What is W.A.S.T.E.? What connects the Cotswolds, Venice, East Molesey and Lyme Regis? Why would anyone pay to see Ophelia get Your Gun? And just what is the appropriate response to virtually everything? Some of these questions may be answered...some may not in this comic tale of family life in this, David Ruffle's first foray into contemporary fiction.


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