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Back in the 1980s there was a magazine called 'The Sherlockian' which ran to six editions. The originals are now very sought after and rare and exist mainly in private collections. 

(many thanks to David Marcum for sharing a photo of his copies)

Produced by Magico Magazine and edited by Kelvin Jones the material included essays and stories by leading Sherlockians in the UK, USA and Canada.

Contributors included the renowned radio writer, Michael Hardwick, Godfrey Hunt, Michael Kean, Catherine Cooke, crime writer David Stuart Davies, and that doyen of pastiche writers, Denis O Smith, George Cleve Haynes, Kelvin I Jones and the present editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal, Roger Johnson.


This new enlarged version features additional material by such luminaries as David Marcum, Glen Miranka (the world's biggest Doyle/Holmes collector), Wendy Heyman Warsaw (Canada), Glen Harris et al.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Kelvin Jones for putting together all the content in one volume for a new generation of Sherlock Holmes fans.

The New Sherlockian is available for pre-order from this site and will be available from all good bookstores including Amazon USA.


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