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The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories -  Volumes XXXI-XXXIII is currently running on Kickstarter and we're interviewing the contributors. Next up is Martin Daley.


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and your story.

From James Bond to Jane Eyre, we all have our literary heroes and heroines. I must confess to having a soft spot for both 007 and the future Mrs. Rochester (and many more besides I should add) but Mr. Sherlock Holmes and especially, the unassuming Doctor John H. Watson invariably come out on top of my list of favourites. I first read the Sherlock Holmes stories as a youngster and was instantly addicted – forty years on and I’m still hooked!

Although I personally started writing non-fiction all those years ago, I suppose it was inevitable that I would gravitate towards detective fiction at some point. And so it proved about twenty years ago with the publication of a novella involving Holmes and Watson, predominantly set in my home city of Carlisle. From that book, my own creation of Inspector Cornelius Armstrong was born.

As well as my Armstrong books (MX Publishing), I have written quite a few Holmes short stories and am delighted to have the latest included in the forthcoming anthology, edited as always by David Marcum. The story is called Barstobrick House and is set in Watson’s old stamping ground on the Galloway Coast in Scotland. A teaser is that it is essentially a sequel to one of the stories in the Canon – it would be too much of a spoiler to reveal which one!

2. Why did you want to participate in this project?

When David contacted me a couple of years ago and asked me to submit a story for the [then] forthcoming anthology, I was delighted to be asked. I was equally thrilled when other stories then made the cut for subsequent anthologies
As a writer and lover of detective fiction, I’m not sure there are many things better than immersing myself in the fictitious world of the nineteenth century, all the while knowing that I am contributing to the very real development of disadvantaged children in the twenty-first.

3. What are your current and upcoming projects?

As well as working on another short story for the autumn anthology and planning a new Inspector Armstrong novel, I am developing a new character away for Victoriana/Edwardiana. The protagonist is a musketeer in the court of the King Louis XIII of France. Working directly to the Monsieur de Tréville, the head of the musketeers, this detective-cum-spy will hopefully see the light of day next year.

4. Any last thoughts?

Only that I hope MX Publishing and Undershaw continue to go from strength to strength. It’s great to be involved with such terrific people.

You can find out more about Martin's writing on the Martin Daley Website



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