The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 6 - Bobby Franano

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Bobby Franano has been featured in international exhibitions and is in numerous private collections. In recent years, Bobby has become known for painting large, colorful canvases in a style he calls “Pop Surrealism.”

He displayed talent in the visual arts, as well as, music even in his early years. As a musician, Bobby has recorded on many albums. He also has been in 3 videos on MTV with "The Front" & "Bakers Pink" and designed 2 album covers.

Bobby has also made many contributions through his art to various charities, even designing the logo for one international organisation. He has delivered a brilliant piece of art in the pop surrealism style for The Art of Sherlock Holmes - here is the authenticated art print created from the picture in the book by the Conan Doyle Estate - from a story by Spencer Perkins.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition is available from Amazon USA ,  Barnes and Noble , Amazon UK   and Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) - and in other formats: Kindle.

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