The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 28 - Alexander Yulish

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The Artist

Alexander Yulish works within an unfolding narrative of improvisation and abstraction in paintings that convey the inner psychology of both human and external forms. Working predominantly in large scale formats, Yulish utilizes a direct, impasto brush, building irregular shapes layer by layer into gestural, complex color arrangements in order to reveal abstract figurative forms.

The movement of these gestures throughout each painting is marked simultaneously by harmony, undulation and discord, all playing out across the canvas with a distinct lyrical impulse unifying the composition of his work. The scale of each works allows him to communicate an inner dialogue with tactful urgency, expressing the depths and complexities of the human psyche.

The Story

Alexander's piece for The Art of Sherlock Holmes USA is based on the story 'Sherlock Holmes and A Brush With Death' by Dick Gillman. Dick is a Yorkshireman who retired from teaching and moved to Brittany, France, with his wife, in 2008. During his retirement he has continued to paint and also written over twenty-five traditional Sherlock Holmes short stories which have been successfully published as both e-books and paperbacks. In October, 2015, he was selected to contribute the anchor story to Volume II of the record breaking MX Sherlock Holmes anthology. Since then, he has contributed further stories and his books featuring his signature character, Julia Moriarty, have been published in both English and Italian.

The piece has been released as an authenticated print by the Conan Doyle Estate.

The Merchandise 
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