The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 16 - Alex Arshansky

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The Artist

Alex Arshanksy is a self-taught artist working in his original style of "Biomorphic Cubism". Alexander is a prolific artist living in San Diego, California with over 1000 paintings produced since 2008, when he started a serious persuit of the artistic career. Now, Arshansky has an exclusive representation by Sparks Gallery in Southern California. The Artist is originally from Moscow, and moved to the United States a quarter century ago. The extreme change of climate, environment and culture have affected his artistic vision and expression: the work has evolved into what resembles Ancient Mayan Art with a rounded cubist twist of his complex mind's eye.


The art explodes into a bright array of color-space elements and lines that make up each painting: Like in a mosaic: from parts comes the whole - an observer will discover many parallel stories and realities within each artwork. In addition to many hours of work, the artist puts his heart and his soul as a projection of emotions and feelings the artist experiences into each piece. Most people say that they feel a deep connection with his work on a very personal level. To Arshansky this is the greatest reward, rather than the acclaim and the recognition, although ever-tempting, they are not the driving motivation.


Alex has a compulsive need for the creative process, and believes that making art creates a chain reaction of inspired minds in all forms of expression in order to make this world more beautiful, complex and magical.

We interviewed Alex for the project:

The Story

For the Art of Sherlock Holmes project, Alex created an amazingly colourful interpretation of the story 'The Vampire of The Lyceum' by authors Charles Veley and Anna Elliott. Charles Veley has loved Sherlock Holmes since boyhood. As a father, he read the entire canon to his then-ten-year-old daughter at evening story time. Now this very same daughter, grown up to become acclaimed historical novelist Anna Elliott, has worked with him to develop new adventures in the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series ! Charles is also a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan, and wrote The Pirates of Finance , a new musical in the G&S tradition that won an award at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2013. b is an author of historical fiction and fantasy. Her first series, the Twilight of Avalon trilogy, is a retelling of the Trystan & Isolde legend. She wrote her second series, The Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, chiefly to satisfy her own curiosity about what might have happened to Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and all the other wonderful cast of characters after the official end of Jane Austen’s classic work. She was delighted to lend a hand with the Sherlock & Lucy series, and this story, firstly because she loves Sherlock Holmes as much as her father does, and second because it almost never happens that someone with a dilemma shouts, “Quick, we need an author of historical fiction!” Anna lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four children.

The painting has been released as an authenticated print by the Conan Doyle Estate.

The Merchandise

There are lots of offers on books, art prints and merchandise on the Art Of Sherlock Holmes Page.


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