The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 10 - Lupe Lawrence

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Artist 10 - Lupe Lawrence

The Artist

Lupe Lawrence is a self-taught fine arts painter who is best known for her landscape and cityscapes paintings. Born in Havana, Cuba, she migrated to United States at the age of five and lives in South Florida. Lupe loves to travel and takes inspiration from the cities that she visits. Lupe is a member of Artist Showcase of Palm Beach County, No More Starving Artist, Creative Center of Education, and the Norton Museum. Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous shows throughout Florida and South Carolina.  


The World Is Your Oyster by Lupe Lawrence.


"At the age of six, I saw the painting "Hay Wain" by John Constable and was mesmerized. I recall sitting for hours and staring at the painting while tears rolled down my face. I thought, "This is so beautiful." It was in that instant that I knew I wanted to be an artist"

We interview Lupe for The Art of Sherlock Holmes project and she talks about her influences and inspirations: 


The Story

Lupe's piece for the Art of Sherlock Holmes is based on the story 'The Adventure of The Long-Lost Enemy' by Marcia WilsonMarcia Wilson is a research writer and freelance illustrator whose style has been described as 'spookily like Gorey'. She currently lives in the Pacific North Wet and has been writing for MX since You Buy Bones was published in 2015. The Anthology challenges keep her on her toes between pursuing her degree and holding down two jobs.  Her blog is and artwork and photography are on Consider her always game for a challenge in the Canonical Sherlock Holmes world.

The Merchandise

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