Thank Holmes It's Friday #THIF

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We're told by many Holmes fans, that the weekend brings the opportunity to indulge in our greatest passion - Sherlock Holmes. It gifts us the time to escape into the world of the greatest detective that ever lived - and never died...

So whether it's trying out a new pastiche writer, clueing up on some Holmes history, or undertaking some learning of Holmes techniques, we'll make sure we have some fun offers with very large discounts (and sometimes free....) ready for every Friday - including a special 'Just a dollar' offer each week with a limited quantity of books for just $1 so you'll need to be quick.

We'll make them live on Thursday to make sure fans in all timezones can access them, and close them off on Saturday for the same reason.

So watch out for the email every Thursday when we can all say #THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday...


Until then we still have our lucky dip mystery book for fans worldwide, and the UK mystery bundle for fans in the UK.


If you're wondering, the image is from the draft cover for 'Sherlock's Home - The Empty House' which includes contributions from many famous Sherlockians including Stephen Fry and Mark Gatiss. The final cover ended up with just 4 Sherlock actors on it for the first time. Only RDJ is missing as permission from Warner Brothers could not be obtained in time so Benedict and Jeremy took centre stage. The book was created within a month and released in nine languages and played a critical role in the Save Undershaw campaign.

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