Sherlockian Author Profile - Steven Philip Jones

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The next three volumes of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories are due in November and fans can get big discounts and unique rewards in the Volume XXII-XIV Kickstarter.

Each day we'll be highlighting one of the dozens of authors of the 64 new stories in the new volumes.

Today is Steven Philip Jones (click here for Steven's website).

Steven's story - The Case of the Un-Paralleled Adventures in Volume XXIII; 
October 1893.  The Great Hiatus.  Dr. Watson discovers a link between the murder of Birdy Edwards from The Valley of Fear and the Jack the Ripper killings that might have been known to Sherlock Holmes.  Meanwhile Holmes races to prevent an assassination in Khartoum that threatens the world’s fragile peace.

Steven's favourite Holmes quote is:

“Oh, if you say so, Mr. Jones, it is all right.” 

Mr. Merryweather, “The Red-Headed League”

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