Sherlock Sunday - Short Story Collections Part 2

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Our biggest ever target on Kickstarter launches this week with a very bold project - many people have asked us for a page-a-day calendar for Sherlock Holmes and thanks to the Herculean efforts of Mike Foy (illustrations) and Richard Ryan (canonical detail) we have compiled one. We need a lot of fans to participate to enable the manufacturing - 2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar. This year's will available to USA fans only - we hope to expand in future years globally.


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We had such a massive response to our short story collections on Friday that we're expanding to some more for Sunday.

Please use the contact us form, quote Sherlock Sunday Short Stories and let us know which country you are from and which three collections you would like - from a choice of 16.

Please check your library so you don't ask for books already have (codes are hard to re-allocate).


Dead Ringers: Sherlock Holmes Stories

A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes - Tangled Skeins: Stories from the Notebooks of Dr. John H. Watson

Canon of the Non-Sacred Writings: Five New Sherlock Holmes Cases

Sherlock Holmes: The Persian Slipper and Other Stories

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Jeweled Falcon and Other Stories

Sherlock Holmes and the Sixty Steps

New Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Of Course He Pushed Him and Other Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volume 1

The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 1

Sherlock Holmes: A Yorkshireman in Baker Street

A Most Diabolical Plot: Six Compelling Sherlock Holmes Cases

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes

The Sensible Necktie and Other Stories of Sherlock Holmes

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: Volume 1


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