Sherlock Sunday - Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! We're starting 2023 with a real mix of audiobooks.

Please choose UP TO THREE audiobooks from the five choices that you would like to receive codes for. 

Please use the contact us form, quote #Sherlock Sunday 1st Jan and let us know which country you are from.

Please check your library so you don't ask for books already have (codes are hard to re-allocate). 

Canon of The Non-Sacred Writings

As Holmesians are aware, the literary works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are referred to as the Canon of the Sacred Writings. The title of this collection of short stories reflects my desire to belong to the extensive list of authors and fans that want to grow the literary and entertainment history of Sherlock Holmes. In the five short stories, listeners will note Holmes' continued mastery of forensic science and logical reasoning as the cornerstones of resolving the thorny issues presented. Holmes' analysis and deductions are the centerpieces of the stories that form this collection. I hope you enjoy your time with Sherlock.


Return to Reichenbach

When a half-naked man is found gibbering on the moor, Sherlock Holmes uncovers a series of bizarre murders. At their heart lies a shadowy figure known only as The Sorcerer. He can talk to the dead, they say. He can bend any will to his own. Even a will as formidable as the detective's. The investigation leads from Dartmoor to Ireland and, ultimately, back to one of the most terrifying scenes of his career. Can Holmes survive the Reichenbach Falls a second time?

(Book 3 in the series, please let us know if you'd like books 1 and 2)


Mark of The Baskerville Hound

A New York police officer who is on a speaking engagement in Britain finds time to visit the Dartmoor environs. As a nuts-and-bolts detective, events occur on the moors that test his sanity and reason. What are the reasons for a sudden rash of maulings and horror? He returns to New York only to ask help form a priest and a doctor. Finally, he alone must return to the woman he met on the moors and come face-to-face with the ultimate terror.


Sherlock Holmes and The Cornwall Affair

Do you love Cornwall, with its cliffs and breakers, its sleepy fishing harbors and villages? Would you like to meet a real English lord? And do you enjoy an authentic, well-researched historical crime story? With the author, you will accompany the renowned Baker Street Detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson on their journey to Cornwall. There, in idyllic surroundings, they are faced with seemingly impenetrable questions, leading to desperate villainy. A 50-year-old history of intrigue, smuggling, betrayal, murder, and revenge waits to be revealed, and you are there, with Holmes and Watson.





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