Sherlock Sunday - First Novels

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A special Sherlock Sunday - as it's Christmas, we've decided to feature first novels taken from our collection 'Sherlock Holmes - First Book In A Series'.

Please choose up to three audiobooks from the five choices that you would like to receive codes for. 

Please use the contact us form, quote #Sherlock Sunday 25th Dec and let us know which country you are from.

Please check your library so you don't ask for books already have (codes are hard to re-allocate). 


The Vatican Cameos - award winning debut novel from Richard Ryan

When the papal apartments are burgled in 1901, Sherlock Holmes is summoned to Rome by Pope Leo XII. After learning from the pontiff that several priceless cameos that could prove compromising to the church, and perhaps determine the future of the newly unified Italy, have been stolen, Holmes is asked to recover them.


A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897 - first in Geri Schear's trilogy

Sherlock Holmes thrives on danger. Sudden knife attacks, being stalked, and facing a network of assassins present little more than a cheery break in the monotony. But the enigmatic Lady Beatrice presents danger of a different kind. Is she a murderer or a potential victim? Or something even more perilous? Uncovering her secrets could change Holmes's life forever, and in ways even he cannot anticipate. The newly-discovered Holmes diaries shed light on a tale so potent, Watson was never permitted to reveal it.


Shadowfall - the acclaimed first of Tracy Revels dark fantasy trilogy

When the sacred relics and mystical objects of London begin disappearing, Sherlock Holmes must call on more than his powers of deduction to solve a mystery that threatens the safety of the British Empire and Doctor Watsons mortal soul.


A Quantity of Debt - David Marcum's debut novel (he's written over 100 pastiches now...)

Nothing that is secret can remain secret forever. But is it possible that some crimes are better left undiscovered? Join Holmes and Watson as they travel from London to storm-wracked Bedfordshire, where the great detective finds himself uncovering the grisly truth concerning a half-century old murder. 


When The Song of The Angels Is Stilled - book 1 in Sherry Croyle's 'Before Watson' four novel series

It is Spring, 1874, and 20-year-old Sherlock Holmes is a lonely, mopey, friendless Oxford student. He attends classes and spends countless solitary hours conducting chemical experiments, reading, and playing his violin. Suddenly, his life changes because of a serendipitous moment on campus. While walking on the grounds of the university and practicing fencing moves with his foil, he encounters Victor Trevor and his sweetheart, Poppy Stamford, younger sister of the man who will one day introduce Sherlock to Dr. John Watson.



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