Sherlock Sunday - Claire Daines

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Every Sunday we're going to celebrate a Sherlock Holmes author with free audiobook codes. 

This Sunday it's Claire Daines. With MX Claire has two novels and a short story but Claire has contributed to several anthologies too.

Claire's short story is being performed live next weekend 10th December online by Cellar Theatre - click below for tickets - 8pm UK, 3pm EST.

Sherlock Holmes - A Criminal Carol.


A Study in Regret 

What if two had perished at Reichenbach Falls? One simple, disastrous error throws Sherlock Holmes from his intended Hiatus into a tortuous journey of sorrow and remorse. Far from home, broken in body and spirit, the haunted detective fights to survive the single most tragic failure of his career - a fight he cannot win alone. With old and new companions beside him, and a threat as deadly as Moriarty in pursuit, Holmes must find a way to live on without his greatest friend, while saving the rest of his beloved adopted family from a similar fate.

The Hunting of the Nark: Sherlock Holmes Through The Looking Glass

Imagine a world where the logic of Sherlock Holmes meets the nonsense of Wonderland! The Hunting of the Nark combines the best of Lewis Carroll and Arthur Conan Doyle's adventures into a madcap collection of verse, including the novella-length case, The Adventure of the Twinkling Hat. Holmes and Watson will discover that anything can happen at 221B when you're the White Knight...

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A Criminal Carol

Christmas Eve, 1890. Thanks to the tireless pursuit of Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty’s criminal empire stands on a knife edge. Still, three ghostly visitors may yet convince the Napoleon of Crime that his destiny lies in another direction....

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