Sherlock Sunday - Beasts, Dark Arts and Criminals

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#SherlockSunday brings you news of new Sherlock Holmes launches coming in the week.

This week is a busy one with three book launches, and two books out on audio.

Our first light Manga fantasy novel, the first redacted novel and the first volume in Kelvin Jones' much awaited review of criminology in the canon. We've included bookstore links as orders on this site might not arrive before Xmas - but the bookstores tend to have stock. In audio we have an all female Holmes and Watson and the first of four stories from Tom Turley's acclaimed Crowned Heads of Europe.


Beasts of London - Janina Woods

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Darker than the night, like a piece of reality had been ripped out of the world to grant a view into the endless abyss of the void, a shape rose from the low hills of the moor, towering above all. Sherlock Holmes, his brother Mycroft, and their associate Mary Morstan are some of the most adept mages in London, safeguarding the peace of the city. Their daily life of solving crimes is interrupted when an ancient threat rises in Dartmoor. The magical entity of London herself forces the Holmes brothers to throw themselves against the attackers to protect her citizens at the cost of their lives. Secrets and betrayal, heartbreak and blackmail force the trio apart, yet they can only stand against the Beasts of London together. The Hound is coming.


Dark Arts, Dark Acts - Orlando Pearson

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It has taken over eighty years, but at long last the British government’s embargo on reporting this slice of diplomatic history has been lifted.

It was in November 1940, that a senior minister at the British Foreign Office in blacked-out London commissioned Holmes and Watson to go to Berlin negotiate a prisoner of war swap with the German high-command.

And the price demanded by Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Göbbels, for any prisoner release? That the two work with the Berlin police to capture a serial killer who is stalking the city’s railway network.


The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes - Kelvin Jones

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Kelvin I. Jones has been writing about Sherlock Holmes for over 50 years, and studied the real-life crime, criminals and criminalistics of the late Victorians. Kelvin's forensic approach has already made a significant impact on the Holmes aficionado, previous titles including 'The Sherlock Holmes Murder Files,' etc. However, the first of this three volume magnum opus on Holmes and crime covers absolutely everything that the reader fresh to, or even more familiar with Holmes wants to know about the murder and mayhem of his age.


There have been about thirty new books out in September, October and November making for some excellent holiday reading and gifts - New Sherlock Holmes Books.


New Audiobooks

Secrets of Baker Street: The Curious Adventures Of The Real Holmes And Watson

Follow the recorded tales of Dr. Watson herself as she navigates life with the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes. And discover the truth behind their unique bond as they uncover the necessity of each other. In case you were not aware, behind every great man is a woman with a very convincing fake mustache. Thus, the tales of the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson may, in fact, surprise you.

Regrettably, Johanna Watson was born a woman, and to add to her father’s dismay, she was horrendously bad at it. She had a fire in her and a passion for research, science, and learning that her father didn’t understand. But after striking a deal with her brother, she took his place studying medicine incognito behind their father’s back. Thus, the erudite Doctor John Watson was established in the world. After returning to London, she found rooms at 221B Baker Street with the enigmatic individual Sherlock Holmes. Watson did not anticipate they would have much in common - she was wrong. Sherlock has her own secrets, and a life so full of mystery and intrigue that Watson cannot help but get wrapped up in it.

Cases take their friendship all over London and further afield as the pair form an unexpected companionship. But as Watson’s knack for deduction improves, her feelings toward her roommate change in a way neither of them can predict.These tales, recounting their adventures, are recorded by the Doctor. She hopes you love them as much as she enjoyed them making the memories.



Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dying Emperor: Sherlock Holmes and the Crowned Heads of Europe, Book 1

Follow Holmes and Watson on their first espionage mission to Imperial Germany as they unmask the plot behind the Kaiser's premature accession. This case initiates a quarter-century of Anglo-German rivalry that will occupy Sherlock Holmes until His Last Bow, when World War I begins.


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