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David Marcum

"This is a hefty, solid collection of traditional and Canonical tales"

Arthur Hall has written quite a bit outside the Holmes genre, but his Sherlockian works are obviously my favorites. Years ago, he started with a single Holmes short story, buried in a volume of non-Holmesian tales, before pivoting to write a few Holmes novels. Then he was recruited as a contributor to “The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories” and he never looked back. I understand that he has more ideas for his ongoing espionage series – but Watson won’t leave him alone!

“The Recollections of Sherlock Holmes”, his latest short story collection, and part of his ongoing “Rediscovered Cases from the Files of Sherlock Holmes” series, contains ten adventures that have previously appeared in the MX anthologies. For those who have kept up with every one of those books, revisiting Hall’s massively productive and prolific output will be a treat, but those who are finding them for the first time will encounter true Sherlockian joy. This is a hefty, solid collection of traditional and Canonical tales, and belongs on every true Sherlockian’s shelves – along with the rest of his many Holmes volumes.


Sherlock Holmes Magazine (Issue 14)

"Ten stories from this prolific pastiche writer, which have previously appeared in other anthologies, are published in one volume for the first time. Titles include The Paternal Ghost and The Tinkers Arms"


The Recollections of Sherlock Holmes are available from this site and also from:

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More tales from the despatch box of Doctor John Watson. These ten stories have appeared previously in various volumes of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories and other anthologies. They come together as a collection for the first time. 

The Adventure of the Christmas Threat

The Adventure of the Disappointed Lover

The Adventure of the Incessant Workers

The Adventure of the Injured Man

The Adventure of the Maligned Mineralogist

The Adventure of the Murderous Gentleman

The Adventure of the Resurrected Brother

The Adventure of the Paternal Ghost

The Adventure of the Tinkers Arms

The Adventure of the Troubled Wife


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