Sherlock Holmes Book Reviews - A Study In Statecraft

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In this volume we see what it is when one extraordinarily talented person is the British Government as Mycroft Holmes applies his skills in statecraft to tax evasion, royal honours, Partygate, the 1918 Armistice, and the Abdication crisis of 1936.

The Historical Novel Society

The ‘episodes’ weave the fictional diplomacies around real historical people, making the stories credible. Some are follow-ons from previous cases. The first case ‘An Individual of High Net Worth’ is a sequel to ‘The Beryl Coronet’, so it assumes some familiarity with the Conan Doyle stories. There are little nods to present-day circumstances. Mycroft uncovers evidence of ‘jollifications’ at Number 10 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. He advises the Prime Minister on the ramifications of the King marrying a divorcée. 

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