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January Audio Collection Deal for UK fans

For all UK fans signing up for our MX Audio Collection before the end of January we'll send a choice of two gifts:

  • Sherlock Holmes Bookmark - made from Arthur Conan Doyle tartan
  • The Strand - collector's item issue 

We'll email you for your choice.



Our January offer is 20% off the app for life ($7.99 a month down from $9.99).

To get the offer simply use the code jan22 (click here).


Full list of items in the app so far:


1. The Sherlockian Interview 

Reacher And Sherlock with Lee Child

Mr Holmes with Jefrey Hatcher

Wiggins: Son of Sherlock with Dorothy Palmer

Sherlock Holmes Author Panel 1 - with Alistair Duncan, Richard Ryan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Susan Knight and Tom Turley.


2. Sherlockian Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Studies In Scarlet - with Jonathan Goodwin

A Case of Identify - with Jonathan Goodwin


3. The Deductionist 

Mind Palace Methods - with Ben Cardall


4. Sherlock Holmes Short Stories

The Adventure of The Aspen Papers - Daniel Victor

The Adventure of The Fateful Malady - Craig Janacek

The Adventure of The Christmas Stocking - Paul D Gilbert

The Adventure of The Missing Necklace - Daniel Victor

Larcey In The Sky With Diamonds - Robert V Stapleton

The Onion Vendor's Secret - Marcia Wilson

The Adventure of The Empty Manger - Tracy Revels

The Adventure of The Long Lost Enemy - Marcia Wilson

(narrators include J.T. McDaniel, Luke Barton and Mike Langan)


5. Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks

Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie

Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes

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