Sherlock Holmes and Neon

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Neon is having a big renaissance. You've probably seen lots of advertisements for custom neon signs cropping up on Facebook and other social media.

What's important is to go with good quality, LED manufacture not low cost glass imports.

Unlike old glass neons, LED neons do not use fragile materials such as glass for the expensive to replace neon tubes. Instead of using these types of material, good LED makers make durable signs with a mixture of silicone and acrylics for durability.


Very nice, but what has all this got to do with Sherlock Holmes? I hear you ask. What we noticed was despite this renewed interest in neon and the great new materials, there was very little out there in terms of Sherlock Holmes themed neon.

So we got in touch with Neon87 which is a British manufacturer and they came up with two amazing designs for Sherlock.

We wanted to pay homage to the great detective and also our first ever Sherlock book - Eliminate The Impossible and they came up with this amazing set of designs.



and portrait:


You can see more details here - Sherlock Holmes Neon

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