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David Marcum

After writing for a number of years, chiefly in the espionage field, Arthur Hall write a Sherlockian pastiche. And as so many have discovered before him, it’s an addition that cannot be denied – either for the writer, or those who want to read them. Fortunately, Mr. Hall is very good at it.



Over the last several years, Hall has written quite a few excellent Holmes novels, and even more Holmes short stories, all for various anthologies, mostly “The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories”. There have been several previous collections of these, and this latest volume brings us seven more, all told in the true Canonical style about the True Holmes and Watson. There are no foolish modernizations here – these adventures could have appeared in the original Strand magazine. And the good news is that Mr. Hall continues to write more. I look forward to each one!


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Additional revelations from the despatch box of Doctor John Watson. These seven stories previously featured in various volumes of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories and other anthologies. They come together in their own collection for the first time.      

The Adventure of the Disappearing Prisoner 
The Adventure of the Drewhampton Poisoner 
The Adventure of the Returning Spirit 
The Adventure of Miss Anna Truegrace 
The Adventure of Mr Fairdale Hobbs 
The Adventure of the Conk-Singleton Forgery 
The Adventure of the Grand Vizier 

Author: Arthur Hall

Pages: 206

ISBN: 9781787059733

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