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In 1896, Holmes meets Edison at the dawn of moving pictures. Murder, ghosts and mystery intertwine as Holmes and Watson navigate New York's diverse landscape alongside police chief Theodore Roosevelt.


The novel offers a fresh take on so many stock Holmes elements that could have been stale; for fans and others it is a pleasurable read.


The third in the Rachel Holmes series available from this site and also:

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The year is 1896. Sherlock Holmes meets Thomas Edison. At the dawn of Cinema, a beautiful Broadway danseuse is murdered in Edison’s New Jersey Laboratory. Irene Adler encounters ghosts on Broadway. Harry Houdini mystifies the New York Vaudeville circuit. Holmes and Watson go hunting in New York City’s Badlands with Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt. Meanwhile, Rachel Holmes journeys to the Pine Barrens to film the Jersey Devil and the denizens of Poughkeepsie reel in Kipsy the Hudson River Monster.


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