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"An absolute belter of a Sherlock mystery! Packed with suspense,  international intrigue, secret societies, dead ends, rugged islands in the north sea, masterful deceptions, the cosy fireside at Baker Street, connoisseur tobaccos, and nail-biting shoot-outs. Through it, we are in the more than capable hands of the warm, faithful, resolute Watson.  And above it all towers Holmes:  ascetic, impetuous, unmanageable, indomitable. THE ADVENTURE OF THE FOUND NOTE confirms Matthew Simmonds as a magnificent observer and recreator of Holmes, whose unique Victorian world of contrasts and baffling mysteries is woven into every page. I have been looking forward to this book for a long time, and the wait was more than worth it! If you like Sherlock, brain-cudgelling puzzles, and edge-of-the-seat adventures, you'll love this!"

Dominic Selwood - Historian, barrister and author of the best-selling thriller 'The Sword of Moses'. His latest book 'Anatomy of a Nation: A History of British Identity in 50 Documents' is a masterful journey through time, exploring the documents that forged our national identity.  


Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Found Note is available now from this site and also from:

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Darkness clung to the early Baker Street morning as Dr Watson opened the front door. The night watchman held out a small slither of paper. Written faintly upon this were just two short words: "Help me."

Sherlock Holmes must use all of his remarkable powers of deduction to identify the author of this desperate plea. His investigations lead him and his companion into a murky conspiracy - a sinister secret society plotting a fiendish scheme that could destroy the British economy and bring down the government.

From a thunderous carriage chase through the streets of London to a deadly shootout on a remote island off the North-East coast of England, can Holmes and Watson uncover the dark secret that lies within the sinister 'Ex Tenebris' club?


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