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Time to make room on the bookshelf as the three-volume 2023 Annual makes a welcome appearance. Fifty-nine new adventures by authors old and new cover the span of Holmes’s career, from his early days to his retirement, where the game is still very much afoot. Perusing the list of previous stories at the beginning of each volume, it never fails to impress how much editor David Marcum and the more than two hundred enthusiastic contributors have achieved since the first books appeared in 2015. Eight hundred new stories and over £86,600 raised for Undershaw is no mean achievement. With such an embarrassment of riches, it is hard to pick a favourite, but particular mention must to go Sonya Kudei’s “The Norwegian Shipping Agent”, which draws on threads from a canon story and Holmes’s past to weave a most riveting tale. Tom Turley’s “The Adventure of the Lost Alliance” is very well researched and backed up with accompanying notes, which offer a glimpse into real-life historical figures, while Mark Wardecker’s “The Adventure of the Wandering Stones” is a thoroughly intriguing story with a satisfying denouement. Overall, an enjoyable selection of adventures in canonical style with something for everyone.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories collection is available from this site with a contribution going to our good causes.

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