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David Marcum

Mark Mower dipped into the world of Sherlockian pastiche in 2015 when he contributed a story to the initial volumes in “The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories”. Since then, he’s been reliably consistent with contributions to subsequent anthologies, as well as collections containing both those previously published stories and new ones as well.


“The Baker Street Archive”, Mower’s fifth collection, contains six Holmes adventures. Following in the footsteps of August Derleth – who wrote “The Circular Room” as both a Holmes story and a Solar Pons story – Mower’s “The Misadventure of the Norfolk Poacher” originally appeared as a Pons adventure in “The New Adventures of Solar Pons”, and now it features Holmes.

My personal favorite of this set is “The Yuletide Heist”, where Holmes recounts one of his past cases to a small Christmas gathering of friends in the Bake Street sitting room. Holmes proves to be a master storyteller, leading the guests through the events of the long-ago crime, and providing a surprise ending.

Fortunately, the Watsonian muse is still strong with Mr. Mower, and we can look forward to many more adventures from that quarter.


Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Archive is available from this site with a share going to our #bookstobooks program funding books for Happy Life Mission in Kenya - but also from all good bookstores (links on the book pages).

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