Sherlock Book Review - Sherlock Holme Re-Imagined in Lego

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Almost every Sherlockian of my acquaintance owns multiple copies of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” – some as stand-alone volumes, as part of a compendium, as annotated versions, hard cover, paperbacks and so on. Some contain facsimiles of Sidney Paget’s original illustrations for “The Strand” magazine.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Re-Imagined – The Complete Collection faithfully re-creates the 104 Paget images using only genuine LEGO® mini bricks and figures. The book itself is 328 pages long and contains each unabridged story.

As a mom who has spent many Christmas mornings and birthdays helping my kids build LEGO castles, pirate ships, and such, I can relate to the intricacies and ingenuity of Mr. Macaluso’s faithfully executed images. I would have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this book with my children from quite a young age. Here is the re-imagined visual of Paget’s famous final illustration from “A Scandal in Bohemia”:

“Goodnight Mr. Holmes” – A Scandal in Bohemia

This book is a fun and engaging way to introduce youngsters to the Sherlockian Canon. The popularity and appeal of LEGO is indeed still growing with the introduction of new LEGOLand® theme parks and Discovery Centers around the world.

“Good–bye and be brave” from The Speckled Band

I also believe that The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Re-Imagined – The Complete Collection will appeal to adults who enjoyed LEGO themselves since the company has existed for 87 years. For others it will be an amusing and unique addition to an existing Sherlockian library. The book also has the potential to become a valuable collector’s item in the future.       

Reviewed by:

Wendy Heyman- Marsaw, author “Memoirs from Mrs. Hudson’s Kitchen”

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