Sherlock Book Review - A Baskerville Curse

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"This little book is a delightful adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles, told with only twenty-six words, and slightly fewer images.  Macaluso has taken Lego figures and replicated approximately two dozen scenes from the classic novel, and the photographs illustrate each page.  Each scene is summed up in either one, or occasionally two words.  For example, a Lego version of the titular character appears under the words “Gigantic Hound.”  Despite the extreme brevity, Macaluso manages to summarize the entire novel with words and pictures, stretching only once, with the letter “X.”  It’s a really fun work, and one which ought to be used in schools and used as a template for projects for students.  This would be a great inspiration for children to summarize and illustrate books in similar ways.  A Baskerville Curse is a wonderful tribute to a classic that manages to be clever, imaginative, and gently impressive."

The Strand Magazine, April 2020

A Baskerville Curse - Another Sherlock Holmes Alphabet,

by P. James Macaluso, Jr. is available from:

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