Review of The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1 and 2

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It is wonderful having these stories collected in one volume. What a pleasure to traipse through them again, each previously encountered separately, all gathered in a single splendid cornucopia, with all of Victor’s brilliances on full display, an exquisite end-piece to the Sherlock Holmes & The American Literati series. As with Victor’s novels, each of these stories pairs Sherlock Holmes with a notable (though not exclusively American) author and, as is Victor’s forté, captures, with pitch-perfect accuracy, the distinct voices of the literary figures depicted as well as the verbal tropes of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes himself. Whether Guy de Maupassant, Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry James, David Graham Phillips, H.G.Wells, Raymond Chandler, or, poignantly, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Victor emulates each author’s style and incorporates those inflections and tendencies into the way they speak. While remaining ever true to Conan Doyle’s Holmes and Watson characters, Victor has delicious and devious fun blurring fact and fiction, excavating Holmes lore and adding to it, warping time, weaving ironies, atmospheric reveries, clever twists, and intertextual echoes across the tapestry. If you are a fan of Victor’s American Literati series, this collection is a must-have. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or any of the authors he encounters in these tales, you will be most pleased with where Victor takes things. A grand and glorious addition to the genre and to the already impressive Victor oeuvre. Bravo!

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