MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volumes XL to XLII - Author Interviews - Susan Knight

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Today we talk to Susan Knight who appears in Part Part XL: 1877-1887 and Part XLII: 1895-1903 currently on Kickstarter as part of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories XL to XLII campaign.

1. I have two stories in the collection, The Adventure of the Old Russian Woman and The St Pancras Puzzle.
2. For these anthologies, David Marcum, the editor, provided a list of untold cases. In fact, I'd had the idea for The Old Russian Woman before receiving the prompt, but it fitted in well. The St Pancras Puzzle arose simply because I found the facts of the case in the original intriguing: a dead policeman at St Pancras station with a cap lying beside him. 
3. I have contributed twelve stories to anthologies since 2019, and a collection of nine of these will be published in November 2023, under the title, The Strange Case of the Pale Boy and other Mysteries - available pre-publication here at MX.
4. I first discovered Holmes as a child. We had a fat anthology at home, Tales of Mystery and Adventure, containing The Speckled Band, which still remains one of my favourite stories.

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