MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volumes XL to XLII - Author Interviews - Paul D. Gilbert

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Today we talk to Paul D. Gilbert who appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 currently on Kickstarter as part of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories XL to XLII campaign.


1) My contribution is

...The Mystery of the Three Mendicants

2) I chose this because is the only top ten ‘untold tale’ that I have not yet attempted. Eg: my second book, The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes comprises seven short stories, all based on previously untold tales. These include James Phillimore, The Aluminium Crutch, The Cutter Alicia (where a ship disappears into a patch of mist) & I even had a go at ‘the remarkable worm, previously unknown to science’, in a tale entitled: ‘The Mumbling Duellist’!My next book was a novel based upon ‘The Giant Rat of Sumatra’

For my fourth book I decided to go for the three novella format & I melded two untold cases together in The Dundas Separation Case which somehow also incorporated ‘The Politician, the lighthouse & the trained cormorant! I also included the case where the parsley sank into the butter & the Abernettys. Finally, in The Unholy Trinity, the first novel in my trilogy, I amalgamated The Death of Cardinal Tosca with the Coptic Patriarchs.

3) I first became captivated with Sherlock Holmes my school library, when I chanced upon The Man With the Twisted Lip. The enigmatic nature of the man really shines through in this one & I was hooked for life!

4) My other works

...lots of Sherlock Holmes stories, my latest being The Tales of Darkness, is a collection of seven short stories, all alluding to different aspects of our darker imaginations. It is widely available in all four formats.

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