Celebrating The Complete Thorndyke

Posted by Steve Emecz on

MX Publishing is proud to announce the return of Dr. Thorndyke in a collection of omnibus editions, bringing these masterful adventures of one of the world’s greatest detectives together in an easily available format for modern readers. Started in 2018 and completed in 2021, editor David Marcum has brought together the entire Thorndyke collection - much of which has has been very difficult to obtain for fans. The collection includes 21 Novels and over 40 Short Stories in nine matching massive volumes.

To celebrate, we're offering fans that order the first three volumes in hardcover bundle before the end of March a choice of gifts.

In the USA, we'll add $50+ worth of mystery Sherlock Holmes books to your order.

In the UK, you can either take the $50+ of mystery books, or choose a bottle of Sherlock & Sons Gin (sent out separately). We're not able to send the gin internationally yet, but hope to be able to soon.

Select the bundle here - Thorndyke Bundle.

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